Are Names on Brandroot Trademarked?

For a few different reasons we are unable to provide a Trademark with our names:

  1. A Trademark protects a name in a specific geographical location and within a specific industry. The majority of the names listed at Brandroot can apply to multiple industries and can be used anywhere in the world. 
  2. In order to Trademark any name the owner must either:
    1. Be using the name in commerce, meaning you have used the name to sell or market a product or service to customers around the United States (or your country) and not just your home state.
    2. Have good faith intentions on using the trademark in the future.
  3. To apply for any Trademark the application must be under the owners name (or organization), address and citizenship. 

Since any given name at Brandroot can sit for a very long period of time before being sold, we cannot say that we have intentions on using the name, and if we could we also have no way of knowing in what country to register the Trademark and in what industry. Furthermore, the Trademark has to be associated with its owner. All of this is up to the user of the name.

For your reference, here is a list of Trademark Classes



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